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Heaven We Haven't Yet Dreamed


The Mule loves femmes anthologies and here is our first contribution, Heaven We Haven't Yet Dreamed.

Features 23 pages of poems each by Dianne Borsenik, Juliet Cook, Puma Perl, and Mule founding editor, Jeanette Powers.

About Us

Jeanette Powers

Editor in Abetting: JP is a working class queer artist and non-binary in person and politically. Their poetry explores where habits and assumptions are born from and how to excavate the inner self from the pressures of fitting into society. Having worked with numerous presses over the years on everything from acquisitions, cover design, marketing and editing, Stubborn Mule is the press where JP finally takes the lead. 

@dada_ahha on instagram



Cover Editor: Elim J. Sidus

Trans guy born and raised in KC, a denim gremlin of a human being living as a visual artist and part time poet between hoarding fall leaves and people watching or learning fictional languages.

@volkaija on twitter slicedmangos.tumblr.com elimvolkaija@gmail.com 

Cover Photographer: Jon Lee Grafton

We are so lucky to have the astonishing photography of Jon Lee Grafton for many of our covers! check out his work @thegraftongallery


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