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Against the Dark: road poems | James Benger and Tyler Robert Sheldon


 Benger and Sheldon team up for this split poetry book investigating the power of life on the road, with the focus of high beams on country roads and the squealing tires of sudden veering, these poems will take you for a ride you won't want to end. 

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After the Flood: paintings by Greg Edmondson


  "After the Flood" is a series of 18 paintings by Greg Edmondson, completed in a whirlwind of creative energy after the last big flood on his nearby river, the Gasconade. The book features these plus written works by 16 contributors. 

 This full-color, 65 page book will ship in May 2019. 

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Jeanette Powers


Editor in Abetting: JP is a working class queer artist and non-binary in person and politically. Their poetry explores where habits and assumptions are born from and how to excavate the inner self from the pressures of fitting into society. Having worked with numerous presses over the years on everything from acquisitions, cover design, marketing and editing, Stubborn Mule is the press where JP finally takes the lead. 

@novel_cliche on instagram

Baron von Ryborg

Editor in Absentia: Jason Ryberg

This river rat and publishing beast puts out way more books than JP, but has been doing it for two decades and is responsible for bringing to the press some of the wonderful heavy hitters and life-long poetry heads that we are so proud to be publishing. Find his primary press at Spartan Press.

Cover Editor: Elim J. Sidus

 Trans guy born and raised in KC, a denim gremlin of a human being living as a visual artist and part time poet between hoarding fall leaves and people watching or learning fictional languages.

@volkaija on twitter 

Cover Photographer: Jon Lee Grafton

We are so lucky to have the astonishing photography of Jon Lee Grafton for many of our covers! check out his work @thegraftongallery


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