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Full-Length Manuscript Submissions

Stubborn Mule press publishes a combination of collected works of established poets, first time full-lengths for quality and dedicated emerging poets, and really anything that suits our fancy.

The mission of Stubborn Mule Press is to explore the inner lives and experiences of the hoi polloi. Which is a way cooler word for the "common" person. We believe the working class, marginalized person and their lives are the stuff of tremendous poetry and value. While politics is at our throats and the agendas of justice are necessary and vital, we at the Mule argue that so is the inner life of the person doing all that work. We like to specialize in radical country queers and other folks existing in the margins of academia and creativity, but our doors are open to all.

We're looking for authentic collaborations between SMP and the poet for distribution. Long story short, we got you on ISBN, Library of Congress Number (books over 50 pages), sweet website promotions, social media #whatevs, Big Cartel shop, POD at the big-box online places, and a coupla real cool bookstores and maybe even some limited tour support if you are game. We'll send your book out for reviews, contests, awards and hook you up with some awesome poetry podcasts (especially if you squeaky wheel us!).


Nevertheless, we choose to keep all this info live on the site in the spirit of transparency!

Here's the "deal":
The poet retains 100% copyright of all poems always and forever. We supply POD manufacturing with over 150 international and national online retailers plus our Big Cartel shop, ISBN, Library of Congress Number, editing, book design and cover design support. You get 10 author copies out the gate (split on splits). After that, you can buy books at a 50% discount from the retail price. For all online sales, after the first 10 online sales, we send you a free copy of your book for every two sold online.

PS: We design covers. Exceptions are, of course, possible, but unlikely. Elim J. Sidus is our cover editor and is a dream to work with, creating some of the most eye catching covers in indie press. If his covers don't suit your work, the photography of Jon Lee Grafton certainly will.

Things we leave for the others:


rhymey tripe

overly slammy

micro poems

sex/love poems

trauma pron

Things the mule loves:

existential dread

queer poems

blues references



psycho shitstorms

marginalized folks

a sense of humor


We are currently closed for submissions.